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October, my favourite time of year because it’s the start of summer festivals and it kicks off with Rocking The Daisies. This year was their tenth birthday and I can’t believe I’ve been coming six years in a row, FOMO always gets the better of me. Continue Reading



the dockyard republic (4)

Faux Fur : Better Half   |  Sunglasses: Spitfire  |   Sandals: Heel Berry

White is color at its most complete and pure, and to me, the color of perfection. It’s the blank canvas that’s waiting to be written on, opening ways for limitless creativity or just a fresh start. To explore the path of a fresh start, a year ago I chopped off all my hair and dyed the colour to platinum white – nothing has ever felt as liberating.

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Fashion Festival


earthdance festival

This weekend I experienced my first ever Earthdance trance festival that was held at Nekkies Resort Worcester. I was super impressed with the easy directions and structured layout of the venue, that was topped off with the perfect parking space and the joy of camping right in front of our car. From Psy Trance to Techno to Drum & Bass, all humming their perfect beats as you walk about the party, it was hard not to stay still at just one spot. Continue Reading