Highwaist Bella Skinny x Superbalist

Highwaist Bella Skinny is the perfect pair of skinny jeans for any occasion and the perfect match to all of my summer and winter garments. I’m usually unsuccessful in finding a suitable pair of jeans that not only goes all the way down to my ankles, but fits like a glove too. All thanks to Superbalist, I was given these pair of New Look jeans and I think I’ve finally found my perfect match! The elongated shape creates a flattering silhouette of my legs and the soft cotton material makes it extremely comfortable to move in, feels like I can even do yoga in them. The first pair of jeans that I own, that allows me to roll it up more than once! Being 175cm height often makes the struggle for long length jeans real. I’m stoked to finally have the option of rolling them up, or leaving them down. #Tallpeopleproblems

What’s awesome, is that I’m not limited to a specific wardrobe style. I can mix and match with crop tops and kimonos, a polar neck with a fur jacket, chunky platforms or flip-flops – all are complimentary with this colour blue. New Look’s versatility is key and it’s definitely what’s won me over.


Black Faux

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Coat: Vintage  |  Jeans: Mr Price  |  Boots: Therapy Shoes

Hey lovers, sorry for my absence.

Freezing outside although the sun is shinning here in Cape Town, been wearing this vintage black faux coat almost every time I go out!

Also my new boots from Therapy Shoes arrived from a local supplier, Superbalist. Super stoked to being able to buy international brands locally.

And I now got bangs! Not too sure if I’m liking it though – so I’m actually in the process of growing it out. It’s already at that awkward stage where its sitting in my eyes, but still too short to where in a middle path, haha #girlprobelms



If you were merely disappointed that the trance season was coming to an end, The Collective crew teamed up to bring the legendary Mandragora to play live at Hillcrest this past weekend for one last chance to awaken our psy senses before we all go into hibernation.

This was my best friend and I’s first IMAGINE DAY PARTY. The beautiful venue along with the amazing music made for an awesome day party experience that carried on into the starlit night. The lush green grass made stomping feel like dancing on a bed of clouds. No mud to ruin your favourite pair of shoes here! Blankets, chairs, picnics all welcome! I was overwhelmed by the sweet nature of everyone just hanging out and doing their own thing, whilst still jamming to the awesome beats in the background. The 300 square meter venue allowed for food stalls, comfortable seating areas, an escape to an island to watch the geese play and lake ripple along with an incredible dance floor all set amongst the beautiful backdrops of the Quarry cliffs.

A chance of rain could ruin this day, was out of the question. The entire dance floor was completely sheltered to ensure that not even a water drop could come between us and our imaginative reality. The set design was colorful and intricate, and came alive as soon as the sun set behind the cliffs. Drawing you closer to the front of the stage, keeping you warm and connected. You can’t but help to loose yourself a little when there is just so much awesome energy surrounding you.

All the supporting artists and DJ’s that played couldn’t have been a better suited lineup to this event, from deep house, psy, prog all working nicely in conjunction with one another made for one of the best parties the Mother City has offered. Mandragora live though! From jamming throughout the day session to his new bouncy project called Dotz till the anticipated headline set, I think he stole a piece of all of our hearts and took it back through the cosmic worm hole from which he came.

All in all it was a great party, and to make it all more worth it, the proceeds from the car pool initiative will go to a worthy cause in the local community. I can only IMAGINE what the future day parties are going to be like!




Indian Headdress: Cloth & Steel  |  Faux Septum: High Horse Adornment  |  Jewellery: Forever 21, Bing, High Horse Adornment  |  Snake Earing: The Ramp Store  |  Clothing: Vintage

Oh heey! Back from the desert with clean hair, sun-kissed skin and a complete heart. My love for Tankwa Town is stronger than ever. I guess it’s the all the planning and prepping along with the crazy journey that makes the experience just that more exciting than normal festivals. Although I’d absolutely love to claim the gorgeous Indian headpiece, it actually belongs to my friend who had it custom made for him to wear at Afrikaburn. It’s handmade locally and sold at Cloth & Steel on Kloof strand comes in a variety of styles and colours. Pretty much all the dancing heads were wearing these – next year goals.

Fell in love with a whole bunch of vintage finds at one of the night markets where I usually have a stall at for my chokers and the blue nightey was one of them. I was going for the whole Kaleesi vibe and this was the closest sample I had for long-oversized-gown /slash/ princess dress! haha! Not sure if I will ever wear it again, but it definitely was the comfiest outfit. My mom gave me some of here jewellery to wear (which she never usually does) and the rest was I scored on sale at Forever 21. I was also given the most beautiful faux septums, earings, necklaces, rings in both gold and silver plated coatings by High Horse Adornment to wear as I please. I’m not usually a jewellery person, but after having so much to choose from, I think I have a new HHA obsession.

My last look is pretty casual and chilled, wearing one of my moms old dresses and my 10 year old pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Had these shoes since I was 15 and they’re my go-to pair of shoes when it comes to outdoors and camping. As you can see, no consistent wardrobe theme here for my AB adventure, maybe next year when I pack a whole extra suitcase full of clothes, I will actually wear them!

P.S everyone needs to try Afrikaburn, atleast once!